Grandma's House

A Crafty Brewery in Denver, CO

A collaborative brewery-in-planning in Denver celebrating all things craft

Broken Spine Brewing

Broken Spine Brewing is a brewery-in-planning co-founded by husband and wife brewers, Adam Frank and Emily Thomason. Each recipe, as well as each batch, is handcrafted by the pair. They believe good beer tells a story. 


53 Peaks Brewing Co

Our brewery was built on the idea of an uncontainable sense of adventure. This idea shines through not only in our beer but also in the way we approach life. We hope that our beer consumes our community with that same spirit. We encourage living a healthy, active lifestyle, and supporting craft brewing in Colorado. Colorado has an aura that we look to capture in each and every one of our brews. Always remember to reach for the peaks!

In dedication of the great state of Colorado, 53P takes its inspiration from the highest peaks in the state. We hand craft all our beer with unparalleled passion to provide you with a brew worthy of Colorado's indescribable natural splendor.


A traditional tonic water was originally created to combat malaria in South Asia and Africa in the 1840's. When the British East India Company soldiers discovered the bitter beverage was better mixed with a little gin, a classic was born. Tonix returns to the roots of tonic. We're sourcing Chinchona Bark from South America as the key ingredient in the tonic concentrate. Just as it was in the 1840's. With a little lemon and some herbs, Tonix is the classic reddish tinged tonic water that circumvented the globe over 150 years ago.


Gunbarrel Brewing Company

Gunbarrel Brewing is an independant brewery dedicated to brewing modern American interpretations of beers that are friendly, approachable, and intriguing. Crafted with passion by brewer Jamie Fox and his wife Marie, Gunbarrel Brewing Company is to be located in Boulder County, Colorado. Jamie has been brewing for fifteen years, and earned a Ph. D in neuroscience along the way. Marie has a background in hospitality, marketing, and web development. Together, we share a passion for exploring the nuances and endless possibilities of craft beer.

We chose the name Gunbarrel to pay homage to the rugged independent freedom of the West, and to honor the little slice of it we call home.


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