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Grandma is happy to share her 2,000 square foot room with 30 foot ceilings as your next private event space.  Host meetings, birthday parties, quilt circles, baby showers, engagement parties, trivia nights, craft nights, family reunions - even weddings! Our venue is a blank canvas that you can decorate however you like!

There is a nominal service fee to use our space and a very reasonable beer sales minimum per hour, based on attendance.  If your group won't be drinking, we're happy to negotiate an hourly rate to use the space.

Perfect event and party space for all occasions! Question about our venue? See frequently asked questions below for more information on party, shower or event rentals!

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What's the policy around outside food?

Grandma's House occasionally has food trucks parked in the front of the building.  You are welcome to bring in food you purchased, or made at home.  You're also welcome to send out for delivery, or even bring in caterers.  We are happy to provide a list of recommended nearby delivery options, and we have no restrictions on which caterers you may use.  

What about drinks?

Grandma's House's licensing allows the on-premise consumption of alcohol produced in our brewery. You are welcome to bring your own soda, coffee, or other beverages, but we cannot allow any wine, hard liquor, or beer not brewed in our facility.

What furniture is available?

Grandma's House has one 15-foot school lunchroom style table that seats 12, and an additional dozen tables and 50+ chairs that you may arrange in any configuration.  We do not have linens available onsite, but you are welcome to bring your own.

What about AV?

The room is equipped with a sound system through which you can play whatever music you like.  We also have a LCD projector and screen available for slideshows or a digital welcome sign.  We recommend visiting the space as early as possible to test any equipment you are bring to hook up to ours to make sure it is compatible. If you're old school, we also have a 30-inch chalkboard and dry erase board on an easel.  There's even a piano.

How much parking is available?

Grandma's House offers plenty of free on-street parking, with no time restrictions past 6pm. We share a 35-space parking lot with Corvus Coffee on our block.


See our normal business hours here.  For events over 20 people, we would consider extending those hours on a case-by-case basis.  State law prohibits us serving beer later than 12am, however.  

Do you require a deposit?

We ask for a small room fee in most cases in order to reserve the space.

How do I learn more?

Email us -we're excited to talk to you!

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