Grandma's House

Crafty Beer

A collaborative brewery-in-planning in Denver celebrating all things craft

The Drive

Brown Ale

thedrive_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

Factory of Gladness

Berliner Weisse w/ Palisade Peaches

FactoryGladness_Grandmas House Denver--2.jpg

Shillelagh Justice

Nitro Dry Irish Stout

schillelagh justice_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

Cut of Your Jib

Japanese Sake Beer

Cut of Your Jib_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

Blunted Sultan


BluntedSultan_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

Spend A Penny

Copper Lager

Spendapenny_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg


Black Lager

Blacklager_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg


Whiskey Barrel-Aged Oatmeal Porter w/ Chiles, Coconut, & Cinnamon

Bombadillo_Grandmas House Denver--2.jpg

Barney Kool Breeze

Gose w/ Boysenberries

Barney Kool Breeze_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

Fresh Hop Five On Rye

West Coast Rye IPA

Fresh Hop Five_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

Knees Up

American Pale Ale

KneesUp_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

Makin' Noise

Norwegian Pale w/ Juniper Berries & Green Cardamom - $1 from each pint supports Swallow Hill Music

MakinNoise_Grandmas House Denver- copy.jpg

Wookin' Pa Nub

Buckwheat Biere De Garde

WookinPaNub_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg

The Old Laughing Lady

German Pilsner

OldLaughingLady_Grandmas House Denver-.jpg